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Team System Web Access Language Packs Are Ready!

Community made a great job this month. Microsoft MVPs have localized Team System Web Access (TSWA) into 7 new languages. With support of Microsoft Turkey, Hakan Eskici (TSWA Program Manager), Tufan Erdinc, we have built the Turkish language pack. The full list of language packs are below. Turkish, done by...


How to generate RSS feeds without any 3rd party components

RSS feeds are widely used in today’s internet world. Thus we, developers, have to implement it on our websites and projects most of the time. There are many free and paid components that generates RSS feeds but in fact you may generate it by yourself as well. I will post...


Easiest way of global error handling in an ASP.NET application

Since there are different ways of global error handling in ASP.NET applications and you have to implement the one that best fits into your project’s architecture, I will not be discussing all the possibilities that ASP.NET provides you. However, I will just share a small code snippet that you can...


Web Image Maker control by Tom Crane

Web Image Maker is an open source and pretty useful Image Maker control by Tom Crane. Feel free to give it a try as I can confirm that it works pretty fine. Read more and download the code at


Strip all HTML tags from string

This is something we need very often. Either for security reasons or just because of some business rules. I will share a small code snippet with you as an extension method to string type so you can take advantages of using Regular Expressions to remove HTML tags from any user...



BuildManager is a class located in System.Web.Compilation namespace and contains a method named CreateInstanceFromVirtualPath. Using this static method, you may create instances of your UserControl, Page, Generic Handler or those kind of stuff. This might be useful in case you need to create some controls on the fly, etc. The...


How to uppercase the first letter of a word or sentence

When I used to use PHP to develop my web applications, I really loved its basic but useful method named ucfirst. This function is explained using a simple explanation on PHP documentation: ucfirst — Make a string’s first character uppercase I believe within all those useful and complex libraries taking...


jQuery and ASP.NET

A great news, Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio soon. The first shipment will be to support jQuery intellisense in Visual Studio as a free download. For details please click here.


Makale 16: Remoting Objelerinin Yaşam Süreleri

Giriş .NET Remoting uygulamaları üzerinde bulunan, yani Marshal-by-reference tipindeki, remote object’ler Remoting server üzerinde belirli bir süre boyunca tutulurlar ve bu süre sponsorlar ve lease manager tarafından belirlenir. Sponsorlar System.Runtime.Remoting.Lifetime.ISponsor interface’ini implement eden remotable type’lardır. Lease manager ise System.Runtime.Remoting.Lifetime.ILease interface’ini implement eden ve tek görevi remote object’in ne kadar süre...