Microsoft Days 2010 Bulgaria – Extensible Output Caching with ASP.NET 4 Session

Microsoft Days 2010 Bulgaria will take place in Sofia on 30-31 March 2010. The conference consists of numerous valuable lecturers and the whole list can be seen at

I will be presenting a session titled as Extensible Output Caching with ASP.NET 4.

Here is a brief description of my session:

Through ASP.NET 1 to 3.5, output caching was stuck in memory. ASP.NET 4 makes it possible to use custom output-cache providers to use any kind of storage mechanism including databases, local and remove disks and distributed cache engines. In this session, we will build a custom output-cache provider that persists data in local hard-drive and we will learn how to configure an ASP.NET application to use some famous distributed cache engines. This is a coding and configuring oriented session.

Martin Kulov is of course there with 2 sessions. One about Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 and one about Branching and Merging with TFS 2010.

Another cool news is that Daron Yondem from Turkey will also be there with 2 Silverlight sessions.

Those of you living in Bulgaria or who can visit Bulgaria for the event, do not forget to register at before all the seats are booked.

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  1. shah says:

    there are some drawbacks of cache because of its stand alone nature. thats why it is not recommended to use it if you are running in a multi server environment. infect the use of a distributed cache is recommended as it is in process and distributed over multiple servers. here is a good read about the comparison between classic cache and a distributed cache.

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