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DevReach 2009

DevReach 2009 is going to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 12-13 October. I, personally, suggest you having a look at the schedule and if there is any possibility, do not miss the chance to join it! http://www.devreach.com/Event/Schedule.aspx For further information, please follow Martin Kulov’s blog. The following is a quote from his blog. It is less than two months...


DevReach 2008

One more DevReach event is gonna be held in Sofia between 13-14 October. This year, Gökşin BAKIR from Türkiye will also be giving a session. If anyone from Türkiye would like to join the event, please contact me or Gökşin. Dear Partners, It is our pleasure to invite you at DevReach 2008. This premier developer conference was first organized in...