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How to fix an MSSQL user with a missing login?

What is the problem? Either you moved a database from one MSSQL Server instance to another or for another reason  the login assigned to a user is missing. Oddly, SQL Server Management Studio will not allow you to “pick” a new login and fix the user. Can you come to the point? MSSQL Server has an impressive amount of system...


What is Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool?

Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool is a tool developed by Microsoft in order to fix problems with the existing .NET Framework installations. It happens once in a while that some .NET Framework tool does not work fine or just throws a non-sense exception. In such a case, you might use this tool to see if the things can be fixed...


Beginners’ guide for ASP.NET 4.0

Just came across to a nice article explaining what is ASP.NET and what it is not. It is worth to read for complete beginners.


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Release Candidate

Microsoft announced that Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Release Candidate versions are available for MSDN subscribers as of February 8th, with general availability on February 10th. Download links are now published on the web page above.


Microsoft Days 2010 Bulgaria – Extensible Output Caching with ASP.NET 4 Session

Microsoft Days 2010 Bulgaria will take place in Sofia on 30-31 March 2010. The conference consists of numerous valuable lecturers and the whole list can be seen at I will be presenting a session titled as Extensible Output Caching with ASP.NET 4. Here is a brief description of my session: Through ASP.NET 1 to 3.5, output caching was stuck...


Introduction to jQuery and jQuery Selectors

Please note that jQuery is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. Short History and Current Status The initial idea of developing a Javascript library that uses Pseudo-CSS Selectors to bind Javascript functions to HTML elements and to manipulate DOM elements using Javascript belongs to Ben Nolan with a library called Behaviour. John Resig, a developer who was unhappy...


Microsoft SQL Server Error 5030

So, if you are trying to change the collation of a database and getting error 5030, this is much likely because you cannot change the collation of a database when it is in Multi_User mode. In this case, you should try to run the following query. — the following line sets the database to “Single User” mode ALTER DATABASE DBNAME...


The resource object with key … was not found

If you ever face problems with your resources and somehow the ASP.NET application/website refuses to load them, consider checking if your website path is readable by the process owner user of the website application pool.