Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer Hotfix Released

I have been testing this hotfix for a while and it is publicly available now. If you are using either Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Web Developer (or both) to develop your web applications, I extremely suggest you downloading and installing this hotfix.

A quote from Visual Web Developer Team’s blog about the fix list is below.

HTML Source view performance

    Source editor freezes for a few seconds when typing in a page with a custom control that has more than two levels of sub-properties. “View Code” right-click context menu command takes a long time to appear with web application projects. Visual Studio has very slow behavior when opening large HTML documents. Visual Studio has responsiveness issues when working with big HTML files with certain markup. The Tab/Shift-Tab (Indent/Un-indent) operation is slow with large HTML selections.

Design view performance

    Slow typing in design view with certain page markup configurations.

HTML editing

    Quotes are not inserted after Class or CssClass attribute even when the option is enabled. Visual Studio crashes when ServiceReference element points back to the current web page.

JavaScript editing

    When opening a JavaScript file, colorization of the client script is sometimes delayed several seconds. JavaScript Intellisense does not work if an empty string property is encountered before the current line of editing.

Web Site build performance

    Build is very slow when Bin folder contains large number of assemblies and .refresh files with web-site projects.

Click here to download the hotfix.

Click here to read more about installing and uninstalling the hotfix.

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