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Web Image Maker control by Tom Crane

Web Image Maker is an open source and pretty useful Image Maker control by Tom Crane. Feel free to give it a try as I can confirm that it works pretty fine. Read more and download the code at http://www.theguildnetwork.com/tgn/articles/imageControl_page1.aspx


Strip all HTML tags from string

This is something we need very often. Either for security reasons or just because of some business rules. I will share a small code snippet with you as an extension method to string type so you can take advantages of using Regular Expressions to remove HTML tags from any user input. public static string StripHtml(this string value) { if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(value))...



BuildManager is a class located in System.Web.Compilation namespace and contains a method named CreateInstanceFromVirtualPath. Using this static method, you may create instances of your UserControl, Page, Generic Handler or those kind of stuff. This might be useful in case you need to create some controls on the fly, etc. The following piece of code shows how to use it. UserControl...


jQuery and ASP.NET

A great news, Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio soon. The first shipment will be to support jQuery intellisense in Visual Studio as a free download. For details please click here.


ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 CodePlex Preview 1

ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 1 was released on July 21. This release contains a preview version of the following features (that are also described in our Roadmap document: http://www.codeplex.com/aspnet/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=14924): * Client-side template rendering * Declarative instantiation of behaviors and controls * DataView control * Markup extensions * Bindings One good news for JSON lovers, this is from release notes: In...


Using DataPager with Code-Behind Data Source

Some of you might have already realized that DataPager does its job only if you use a DataSource control. For instance, if you want to set a ListView’s DataSource property in page’s Load event and expect DataPager control to successfully page the ListView control, it means that you will need to spend your hours to find why it does not...


"Invalid postback or callback argument" Problem

In case you get the following exception while trying to run an ASP.NET application, the solution is not as simple as setting the "enableEventValidation" configuration to "false" all the time. Invalid postback or callback argument.  Event validation is enabled using <pages enableEventValidation="true"/> in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %> in a page.  For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments...


ConfigSource Property: Dividing configuration files into pieces

If you need to divide the web.config or app.config file into pieces for any reason – imagine you just don’t like a lot of settings of components that you will never need to change – it is even possible in .NET. The only thing you have to find out is how to use “ConfigSource” property of System.Configuration.SectionInformation (MSDN: Contains metadata...


.NET Framework source code is now open to the public

I know that we all have been waiting for this great news for a long time. Now you can download symbols for .NET Framework source code and you can see or even debug the framework’s itself. ScottGu has a long post describing how you can access this feature in Visual Studio 2008. This is what he says: Last October I...